Friar Tuck Cache

I went geocaching today ( for more info ) and found what’s bound to be one of my favorite caches of all time. It was in Highland Park in Macon and I didn’t even know of the park. There were huge and magestic hardwoods all over some hilly terrain and a wonderful little grotto (unfortunately defaced with graffiti). That forest truly had its own magic and the weather was perfect. Naturally, my fat ass almost expired from the walk 🙂

from my Android G1

The Crazies

I am a little bit late in writing this, but “The Crazies” came out 2-26-2010 and I, of course, went to see it. It was a lot better than I had expected it to be. I would give it a 3.75 of 5.0, although, having worked on the graphics, I’m probably a bit less than impartial. I have posted some of the pre-production pictures on Facebook, here:

It was a huge thrill to see something I worked on up on the silver screen. I hope this could be the first of many.. we’ll see how it goes.


Okay… so I suck at maintaining a blog. I’ve got lots of neat new pictures from the movie we’re working on, I just have to find the time to sit down and pick, crop and resize. I WILL do this (eventually). Meanwhile, here’s the movie poster…

Zombies Ahead!

  I finally have something to blog about… The boss and I drove to Cordele (locals pronounce it core-deal, I prefer core-da-lay) to look over one of the locations of an upcoming zombie movie. We will be providing the signage and digital prints for the Georgia locations. The movie will be a remake of George A. Romero’s “The Crazies” (1973) [The military attempts to contain a killer man-made virus that causes death and permanent insanity in those infected. IMDBRomero is writing the characters and he is also the executive producer (Romero is the king of the living dead and was also involved in “Tales from the Darkside”, and much more).

  The locations we will be working on is an old abandoned truck stop, just south of Cordele, and a mock-up/remake of the Fountain Carwash located in lovely Macon. Interestingly enough, the carwash mock-up will be located in Byron, GA, which is twenty some-odd miles south of here. I’m sketchy on some of the details, but I’ll post more info (and pix), as they become available. I need to get them to let me be a zombie… lord knows I am in real life…
  On a related note (see picture above), the Austin, Texas D.O.T. is up in arms. It seems someone hacked into all of their LED signs in a huge construction area and programmed them all to flash “Zombies Ahead” (Google austin, texas, zombie for detailed story).